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“My need to transform reality was an urgent necessity, as important as three meals a day or sleep.”


An unusual sleepless night, two o’clock in the morning. 

Thought too much about the past today.  Probably not  a good day.  

Time to post more videos.

Entropy:…the inexorable tendency of the universe and any isoleted system in it, to slide toward a state of increasing disorder.

William Klein directed a few feature films (Who are you Polly Maggoo?; “Mr Freedom” and “Le couple temoin” are his most famous pieces).

Klein also did some documentaries and short visuals essays such as “Broadway by light” (1958) one of the first pop films ever done. a beautiful visual piece.  He also directed a documentary on Muhammad Ali in 1969.

The previous video I posted: “The true colors of freedom” is based on his film “MR Freedom”.  I felt the images needed a strong musical pacing and chose to follow a more electro-clash approach in order to acheive the edit.

The next post includes a video based on “Who are you Polly Maggoo?” a black and white  film which reflects William Klein’s vision of the fashion world. Klein hated everything surrounding fashion. But he deeply admired the beauty of its models. Something he clearly reflected in his film.

Every image inspire an emotion. The Black and White images of “Who are you Polly Maggoo?” woke in me some strange nostalgic feelings.  Therefore, the only music that could match this feeling had to be part of the past.  Of a forgotten past. No one today remembers Light Music. It’s gone for good and very few can appreciate it today. Still, those haunting melodies of Mantovani were needed to sustain the elegance of Klein’s images…

Discovering Klein as a kid was a real revelation. For the ones who never heard about him, let’s just say he was kind of a landmark photographer (and film maker) who managed to grasp the spirit of NY in the 60s and gave a specific imagery to the fashion world.


So i went back to that TIME TRAVEL video installation/website project. Gave it a bit more thought and wondered how it could be acheived. On one hand the After Effects Software seems to be the perfect tool to acheive a layer by layer composition of a static shot.  So from a technical point of view it seems managable. On the other hand, there is that complexity in the approach of the work, multi referential and very demanding technically: a large setup is needed as well as a camera able to shot a wide angle and still have this sharpness in the image, a photo lens is really needed for this).

Anyhow the concept is getting clearer but still needs some serious work. As a visual guide and as a concept definition of the whole thing, “Time waits for no one” is a cross between Vertigo, Psycho, La Jetee and David Lynch’s Rabbits (for the visual setup only).